Testing Available in Atlanta - STARTING IN JUNE 2020

COVID-19 Sample Swabs and Analysis

You work with us to determine which surfaces you need tested (doorknobs, light switches, tables, etc), and we'll do the rest! 

Whether your business requires daily, weekly, or bi-weekly analysis, testing is the first step towards providing a safe place for your business to resume.

FREE Consultations Available Today! *

Call us today for a walk-through consultation. 

We'll survey your facility and devise a plan for testing. 

*$250 consultation fee FREE with first testing appointment! 


 We want the world to open up, just like you do. With regular surface testing (and sanitation), you will be ready for it!  

 Please note: at this time, we are available for services in and around Atlanta, Georgia. We are working on expansions, so let us know if you are located elsewhere and we will keep in touch!