Frequently Asked Questions


We want the world to open up, just like you do. With regular surface testing (and sanitation), you will be ready for it! 

How often should I get my site tested?

This depends on the type of business and the amount of customer interaction you have. Businesses with high traffic and regular customer interaction will want more frequent testing schedules. But, it's completely your decision! 

How long does it take to run the samples?

The technology itself takes about 1.5 hours to process. We try to have your results by the end of the same business day. 

What if you find the virus here?

This just means you need to address your sanitation practices, and now you have a place to start! 

Can I get my residence tested?

Absolutely! Families need to know their homes are clean and safe too.

Did you know that asymptomatic people shed the virus around them? Testing your home can alert you to a possible infected family member, so you can take the proper precautions against the spread of the virus.